Thursday, March 5, 2009

Balenciaga has it bad!!!......Nicolas Ghesquierre sucumbs to the 80's virus ......

(all images from

First Marc Jacobs went down with the virus in New York, showing hot-pink, fluoro- green and turquoise power suits, then Frida Gianni succumbed in Milan, sending out cheap-looking, shiny, satin tunics printed with huge, hot pink and turquoise polkadots for Gucci (all of which , I am afraid to say, will be coming to a Supre near you very soon, only shinier and cheaper)

And NOW, at my favourite show, my beloved Balenciaga, it seems Nicolas Ghesquierre, has been similarly infected.
The Paris catwalk show featured more shiny, draped, satin along with dowdy draped 80s-shaped, fussy-print dresses, that made even the impossibly beautiful teenagers wearing them look like fusty, old spinsters.

Where were the signature Balenciaga futuristic sexy shapes?
What do you think of this collection?

Blame it on Paris.....

(all images 6 images from the Balmain Winter2010 collection in Paris, last 4 images, Oliver Theysken's collection for Winter 2010 for Nina Ricci)

OK, I'm officially over this...!!
The 80's revival is RUINING all my favourite shows!

Balmain has always had disco rock vibe, but this season's collection is less rock more disco..(the one arm bands?? sorry!!)
I'm calling it the PARIS effect and by that I mean the heiress rather than the city.
Paris' "LOOK AT ME!!, I"M DESPERATE" style has infiltrated not only Balmain but (what is slated to be ) Oliver Theysken's last collection for Nina Ricci.

The collections both had a tacky 80's vibe, that was tighter, shinier, flashier, more sequinned and shorter, and very reminiscent of Paris Hilton's "How can she get it so wrong??" style.

The worst peices, in my opinion, from the Balmain show were the electric blue sequinned skirts and dresses, and the quilted leatherette dress worn by Erin Wasson.

At Nina Ricci, the red satin sky-high, lace-up shoes with matching, prom-style, red, satin dress took the prize for shield-your-eyes awfulness.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Favourite Things... from the catwalks of Milan....

Images 1&2, Two looks from Just Cavalli,
Image 3, Miuccia Prada's outfit backstage at Prada,
Image 4, Mickey Mouse styled hats on the catwalk..I want one,
Images 5 onwards, the beautiful fantasy designs at Atelier Versace = perfection! (all images from tfs)

5 Quick Questions with Geogia Fowler.....

Georgia had a great time in New York, walking shows including Tuleh, Yeohlee and Generra, but slates Dianne Von Furstenburg as her favourite, (she walked the show of Dianne's second collection, the first collection I post about here..

5 Quick Questions

1.How did you get started modelling?

I was introduced to modelling when my sister was scouted at the Parnell Baths by Kim Larking. My Mum took her into the agency for a chat and Peter Reid at the time convinced Mum that I should sign up as well.I was 12.

2. What has been your favourite show to walk so far?

As far as profile it would have to be Gucci (store opening in NZ), however wearing Dianne von Furstenburgh in New York and having her backstage with us was pretty cool. Stolen Girlfriends of Air New Zealand fashion week show had the best vibe.

3.We are just about to have a series of NZ's next top model in NZ..
For those who think that modelling is all glamour and no hard work, what would you tell them?
It is not like Americas Next Top Model. It requires a lot of compromise, I've given up my senior year of school! Hardwork, persistance and a very level head in order to keep going after the knockbacks everybody will get.

4. Have you made friends with other girls during the shows? What are the other models like?
Models are not as bitchy as they are made out to be at all. In New Zealand I have made friends with a lot of girls, which is really nice as in NZ we bang into each other alot, and on shoots and shows there is a lot of waiting around so a friend always makes the time fly that little bit faster. In New York after only two weeks i had gotten to know many girls, and forged some friendships already!

5. I see you have a show card for London, will you also be attending Paris and Milan?
Due to the shows and exposure i gained in the past few weeks in NYC a few options have arisen here, so I have decided to stay in the big apple, and will not be attending neither Paris Milan or London. Next season I will definitely do the rounds!

New Zealand Designers calling..... they want their ideas back!!

One thing that hit me watching the collections through London and Milan, is that New Zealand Designers seem ahead of the curve.

Kate Sylvester's "Art Groupie" collection featured gloves as hats, which was echoed at Dolce and Gabbana's gorgeous collection today.
Other "Art Groupie" references were seen at the Central Saint Martins Graduate Show in London, where, eyes on tops, featured prominently, see the pictures to compare!

Similarly, Vivienne Westwood's excellent naughty schoolgirl, themed collection for her Red Label, which she showed in London, featured each model styled as a "school stereotype', the nerd, the sporty type etc.

Interestingly, Little Brother showed a 'school uniform' influenced collection, with the same theme, also dressing each model as a "type"

Just goes to show, that great minds think alike!

(first 3 images, from Kate Sylvester's Art Groupie Collection, Images 4&5 from Vivienne Westwood's school girl themed Red Label Collection, Images 6&7 from Dolce and Gabbana's Winter 2010 Collection in Milan, image 8 from the Central saint Martins Graduate's Collection in London)

Hey Miuccia!... Xena called and she needs her clothes back.....

Ok.. Jokes aside, I'm completely in love with the new Prada collection, and no.. not as some have suggested, just because it's Prada!

My favourite pieces are the "country-look" woollen shorts with chunky knits and high heeled waders..
To me they seem a cross between Kate Moss' practical look for Glastonbury (men's underwear and gumboots)and Helen Mirren's styling for her film "the Queen"

This is not surprising, given that Miuccia explained that she was creating tough clothes for tough times, Talking to FWD, she said, "“It’s all about the death of the nightclub,” Miuccia told FWD backstage. “And about a new desire for a rural retreat, where clothes are strong and sturdy.”

Which fits in with the Queen's look, she buys well made, beautifully tailored wool suits and tweeds, that are hard wearing,and long lasting, but still look classy... but with the addition of short, "Kate Moss style" shorts, Miuccia has added a dash of sex appeal, creating a collection that works perfectly right now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stella at Luella....

Well, I named her "most likely to succeed" in my pre-fashion week post so was disappointed that she booked only one presentation in NY

But London seems to have embraced her a little more..

Here she is looking super sweet on the catwalk for Luella!

I love the whole look, hair, makeup and especially the cuddly knit! perfect!