Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blame it on Paris.....

(all images 6 images from the Balmain Winter2010 collection in Paris, last 4 images, Oliver Theysken's collection for Winter 2010 for Nina Ricci)

OK, I'm officially over this...!!
The 80's revival is RUINING all my favourite shows!

Balmain has always had disco rock vibe, but this season's collection is less rock more disco..(the one arm bands?? sorry!!)
I'm calling it the PARIS effect and by that I mean the heiress rather than the city.
Paris' "LOOK AT ME!!, I"M DESPERATE" style has infiltrated not only Balmain but (what is slated to be ) Oliver Theysken's last collection for Nina Ricci.

The collections both had a tacky 80's vibe, that was tighter, shinier, flashier, more sequinned and shorter, and very reminiscent of Paris Hilton's "How can she get it so wrong??" style.

The worst peices, in my opinion, from the Balmain show were the electric blue sequinned skirts and dresses, and the quilted leatherette dress worn by Erin Wasson.

At Nina Ricci, the red satin sky-high, lace-up shoes with matching, prom-style, red, satin dress took the prize for shield-your-eyes awfulness.

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