Monday, March 2, 2009

Hey Miuccia!... Xena called and she needs her clothes back.....

Ok.. Jokes aside, I'm completely in love with the new Prada collection, and no.. not as some have suggested, just because it's Prada!

My favourite pieces are the "country-look" woollen shorts with chunky knits and high heeled waders..
To me they seem a cross between Kate Moss' practical look for Glastonbury (men's underwear and gumboots)and Helen Mirren's styling for her film "the Queen"

This is not surprising, given that Miuccia explained that she was creating tough clothes for tough times, Talking to FWD, she said, "“It’s all about the death of the nightclub,” Miuccia told FWD backstage. “And about a new desire for a rural retreat, where clothes are strong and sturdy.”

Which fits in with the Queen's look, she buys well made, beautifully tailored wool suits and tweeds, that are hard wearing,and long lasting, but still look classy... but with the addition of short, "Kate Moss style" shorts, Miuccia has added a dash of sex appeal, creating a collection that works perfectly right now.

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