Thursday, March 5, 2009

Balenciaga has it bad!!!......Nicolas Ghesquierre sucumbs to the 80's virus ......

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First Marc Jacobs went down with the virus in New York, showing hot-pink, fluoro- green and turquoise power suits, then Frida Gianni succumbed in Milan, sending out cheap-looking, shiny, satin tunics printed with huge, hot pink and turquoise polkadots for Gucci (all of which , I am afraid to say, will be coming to a Supre near you very soon, only shinier and cheaper)

And NOW, at my favourite show, my beloved Balenciaga, it seems Nicolas Ghesquierre, has been similarly infected.
The Paris catwalk show featured more shiny, draped, satin along with dowdy draped 80s-shaped, fussy-print dresses, that made even the impossibly beautiful teenagers wearing them look like fusty, old spinsters.

Where were the signature Balenciaga futuristic sexy shapes?
What do you think of this collection?


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