Tuesday, February 10, 2009

British "it" girls conquering the globe

They're not tall, or particularly willowy, but this new generation of Brit "it" girls, (or daughters of the rich and famous), are spreading their brand of grunge-chic across the globe, from little old NZ, to the hautest of all haute style publications, Italian Vogue..

And it's getting the fashionstas, used to the tall and willowy, streamlined chic of top models, all steamed up... here are a few assorted tirades from the fashion spot,

(....talking about Pixie Geldoff)
"her arms made me sick"

"It girls" bore me to death. They're most often famous for being rich and reckless, and I could just care less. They are the last people I wish to see on the cover of a mag."

"it is just proof that the standards in the magazine world have just been shot to hell."

"I just don't get the point of it girls who do nothing".

"Just doesn't make me want to buy a magazine, it doesn't make me want to be a fan
apparently, she's known for drinking and partying. Hooray?"

"did Franca go out of her mind ?"

What do you think?

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