Monday, February 9, 2009

Last season, she stalked the top catwalks, this season, she's working in a rest home.. Why?

I'm really looking forward to NY fashion week, but I'm hoping that the models will be more Lara-esque this season... I don't want to be worrying that the girls might fall down in front of me...

This was posted on the Fashion Spot about last year's star Malin Ones (with Marilyn in NY)
along with the following video from youtube of her opening the show at Just Cavalli...
What do you think?... maybe models are not just "peices of wood " as Cavalli controversially called them last season...

"There's a piece about Malin and another model in today's version of the second largest Norwegian newspaper. Thought I might translate a few relevant quotes about why she left modelling:"

"I was told by my Parisian agency that I had to lose two kilos in one week. I stopped eating, and even when the agency told me to stop dieting, I couldn't help it. I got ulcers, felt awful, and got skinnier and more miserable every day."

During her breakthrough season:

"Sleep was almost non-existent those weeks. Strangely enough I was sort of ok. I had no time to think; about myself or about the dieting. There was no time to eat anyway. I wasn't living. I was just doing as I was told."

"When I returned from Paris in March I cried and cried. I was exhausted. I had troubles with my eating pattern and went through a bad period. Yet I went to New York in the middle of March. That's where I started to compete about the large campaigns. But I fainted at work, had heart palpitations, was constantly faint and concerned about weight."

Her boss recognized the signs and let Malin go home to get well. Malin decided to take a year away from modelling, to think about what she wanted.

Malin got home and got well. She is currently working at a nursing home and enjoying it, though she says; "When I left New York, my bureau said they wouldn't let me work for less than ~$9k a day (60k NOK). I had done all the hard work. Now I could reap the benefits. It feels a bit bitter, but I'm happy with my decision. I work with people here. I enjoy that."

Malin Opening the show at Just Cavalli

Here is an old and interesting interview with Malin from Viceland...
When did you start working?
Four years ago.
They found you at 13? How?
I was at H&M shopping, and this really decked out lady was standing outside. I stopped and stared, our eyes locked and she started running towards me in her high heels. She said she was from an agency, and that I was really beautiful.
How much money did she get for finding you?
I don’t know. I don’t know the business in that way.
Do you make a lot of money?
What have you learnt about the fashion industry?
Everything. I started watching America’s Next Top Model to see what Tyra Banks does. I’ve been practising to “SMILE with my EYES.”

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