Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I like.......(from the runways of NY)

I would put these things on my shopping list..

1.&2. The lace-up boots and boy tailoring from boy band of outsiders

3. all in one spotty stocking body suit at Ruffian

4. Shiny pink pants at Preen

5. Black mant-suit from Patrik Rzepski... to wear myself

6.& 7. Pom pom hat and sock boots from Diane Von Furstenburg to keep me snug this winter...

8. Pleather cut-out dress for evenings on the town from Preen

9. & 10. Sequinned Bunny hats from Erin Fetherston... just because..

11. las Vegas showgirl outfit from the blonds... for my bridesmaids to wear...


  1. WANNTTT the lace-ups!!!!!! can't wait for the collection to come out.. who is it??

  2. who's the girl in the leopard suit? it's not Cat McNeal is it??