Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Predictions for NY Fashion Week

..... just so that people can tell me how wrong I was afterwards

Models who have already had a season who will clean up..

Toni... no brainer
Agyness... she's back
Iris .. covers of Paris Vogue and Love Mag...'nuff said
Constance.. because she's so bloody beautiful
Sigrid... because she's amazing
Nimue, Katrin, Vogue Italia etc
Myf ... Stephen likes her, Muccia likes her ...case closed
Georgina... she's amazing

New girls who will break out...
Rose Cordero... ofcourse
Isa Askloff... she has the hype
Roza Gough
Michelle Westgeest... she was amazing at couture
Georgie.. not really new but (its my blog... i can break my rules)

Girls I want to see break out but I think they will do just OK
Steph Carta
Addison Gill

Girls who did well last season who I think will not do so well this time
(scandalously...and I really want to be wrong) Catherine McNeill looked awful at couture, I think she will still do well, but just not AS well...unless she covers it with an exclusive
Cato van Ee ... just a feeling, because I find her boring
Skye Stracke..she did amazing at Couture, walked Chanel, walked everything, but again just a feeling
Ali Michael and Alice B are others in this category for me, but they didn't get showcards for New York, (but I hope to see them in London and Europe), so it's not much of a guess there

Most promising NZers
Stella Maxwell and Michael Whittaker

There we go... recap in a week's time at the end of NY shows!!

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