Friday, February 20, 2009

Chadwick's Girl, Georgie Wass for Prada??

Aussie-Gal, Georgie Wass, (represented by Chadwick Models in Australia), is about to become a Fashion- World "name", if reports on UK Grazia's site are correct!

They have reported that Georgie is to be an "exclusive" at the career- making Prada show in Milan!

From UK Grazia

"Georgie Wass – (Elite)

Gorgeous Australian redhead Georgie Wass is about to be the hottest thing in London. She has been confirmed for Topshop, Jaeger, Christopher Kane, Richard Nicoll and Armand Basi... and then she's going to Milan on exclusive for Prada!"

Interestingly, Georgie has just switched London agencies, from FM London to the newly created Elite London, along with a huge swag of other FM models,(source Fashist) which seems to have made some people a little unhappy if this rant on the Fashist forums is anything to go by

"Nothing ever changes...Pimps with money purchase girls just as they do prostitutes--
If these girls had any scruples, self respect or respect for those who made them from nothing...there would be no agencies developing such as E.L and the IMG's of the world.
If they opened up after having scouted for 6 months with some AMAZING new talent--THAT would be something to be in AWE of...."

Actually, I have no idea, WHAT this person is on about, but they sound really angry..!!
If anyone knows could they enlighten me in a comment?

here is a list of some of the girls that have switched.. via Fashist
( bold =my emphasis.. some major girls here!!!)

Olga Sherer: FM --> Elite London
Natallia Krauchanka: FM --> Elite London
Nina Wedvich: FM --> Elite London
Valeria Efanova: Select --> Elite London
Alina Tacy: FM --> Elite London
Eva Manticova: FM --> Elite London
Claire Selby: FM --> Elite London
Jana Wirth: FM --> Elite London
Sessilee Lopez: FM --> Elite London
Zara Young: FM --> Elite London
Eliana Weirich: FM --> Elite London
Egle Tvirbutaite: FM --> Elite London
Georgie Wass: FM --> Elite London
Oksana Bondarenko: FM --> Elite London
Zenia Sevastyanova: FM --> Elite London
Georgie Badiel: Take2 --> Elite London
Denisa Dvorakova: Independent --> Elite London
Dominika Kucharova: Premier --> Elite London


  1. i hope georgie gets the prada job, as her sister, id love to see her on more catwalks! love you G xx

  2. I totally see why girls are switching to Elite london, the owner of Elite Michelangelo was the former director of womens board in FM. so its natural he takes his girls with him. And note the only girls he really believe in.