Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank God for Rodarte...

I'm fizzing right now having just seen the first few glimpses of Rodarte....How do they do it?... they take the thoughts and ideas flying round in the world right now and turn them into wearable beauty,... but still recognisably with that Rodarte signature...

The collection for this season feels more organic, less punk, less severe... quite earthy, moss and lavender and clay tones, very painterly.

The amaaazing strappy leather pants (I'm saving for these now!) and the thigh-length boots still have that Rodarte punk edge, with their strapping and buckling, but in the muted earthy colours of grey, they are more elegant and grown up.

The knits are still there too... shaggy and also more organic, (quite reminiscent of New Zealand's young talent, Alex Jaeha)

Ok.. I'm in love with this... there isn't any peice that i don't like.

What do you think?


  1. i l o v e R O D A R T E ! ! !

  2. YEAHH!!!! This collection is super cool!