Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it Dynasty?...Is it Gloss?... no it's Marc Jacobs Fall /Winter 09

Wow!! I'm a huge Marc Jacobs fan, and especially loved last season's collection, so anticipation was high...
Maybe I should have been warned by the Stephen Sprouse grafitti bags for Louis Vuitton... but Marc has gone all 80's punk and power suits!!

OK.. on the plus side....(1)'s not gloomy and recessionista, (2).. I love the excellent and very cool hair and makeup... (3).... I adore the casting, some of my favourite girls were there: Natasa V and Lara Stone (who closed the show!)...

But on the downside, well I won't be wearing clothes like this... maybe the hair..? maybe the studs..?,.. but no shoulder pads or power wear of any sort!

Overall.. my initial impression is that I adore the joie de vivre of this show and love the overall message of a return to individuality, flair and adventurous characters in fashion!
More thoughts later when I've had time to see the full show...
(all images from getty)

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